Sierra Orthopaedic Physical Therapy clinicians treat with an emphasis on manual therapy and patient education.


What is orthopaedic physical therapy?

We believe true orthopaedic physical therapy is the combination of manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and education. Manual therapy consists of skilled hands-on mobilization of problematic soft tissue and joints. Therapeutic Exercise aims to correct muscular weakness or imbalances to provide optimal stability and movement. Education helps patients understand their condition and empowers them to take control of their recovery.

What is pelvic rehabilitation?

Pelvic Rehabilitation (also known as Women’s Health PT) helps patients suffering from issues including the following: incontinence, prolapse, painful intercourse, scarring, pre- and postpartum conditions, post-surgical implications, generalized pelvic pain and more. Yes! Physical Therapy is effective at treating these conditions and can be an alternative to medication and/or surgery.

In our experience…

We have discovered that longer one on one treatments with a Physical Therapist directly correlates with higher quality outcomes for patients. Because of this specialized one on one care, patients require fewer visits and often reach their goals in a shorter period of time.

Physical therapists are the experts of the musculoskeletal system.

At SOPT, we specialize in orthopaedic conditions across the lifespan. We also have a strong focus on Women’s Health as we believe this population is underserved and undertreated.

Please feel free to access the American Physical Therapy Association’s website to learn more about common conditions seen by Physical Therapists.